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Most of us have auto and home coverage, but having protection against a catastrophic liability claim is often overlooked. Would you have enough coverage if something tragic happened to you? An umbrella insurance coverage, also known as personal catastrophe liability insurance, gives you and your family an extra layer of protection above the limits in your auto, homeowners or boat insurance policy.

A umbrella policy can offer you an additional $1 million in coverage for covered claims brought against you or your family for things like bodily injury, emotional stress, libel, slander and accidental damage to another person’s property. (Higher coverage amounts can be purchased.) This coverage can also help protect you if:

  • You cause a car accident that results in injuries or property damage

  • Someone is hurt on your property (someone other than you or residents of your household)

  • You cause damage or are in an accident while travelling (it follows you anywhere in the world)

  • Have to pay to defend a claim that’s not covered by your primary policy